Bobby Ganoush (voiced by Jim Cummings) is the leader of an army of angry eggplants who want to capture and cook Muriel in retaliation for her attempting to cook an eggplant (which is actually a mechanical decoy with a camera on it) in Journey to the Center of Nowhere.

Courage disguised himself as the Great Eggplant. He then trained the eggplants and told them Muriel isn't their enemy. He tells them to attack the grocery store from growing them and selling them as food. Bob and his minion see a tag that says "Made In U.S.A" on Courage's costume. They tangle Courage in vines and they capture Muriel.

Courage unties himself and goes into the house and talks to Computer about mutant eggplants. Computer told Courage that eggplants become angry without water. Courage then realized that there was no water. Courage wipes Eustace's (who was stuck in the ground) sweat and goes underground and finds water. The eggplants complain that they want to fry or grill Muriel. Courage pours a huge wave of water and it splashes Eustace and washes away the eggplants. Soon, the eggplants grow roots in the soil and feel happy.

Bobby's name is a pun on baba ghanoush, an Egyptian eggplant dish.


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