Bride of the Swamp Monster

Titlecard-405a-Bride of Swamp Monster

The Bride of the Swamp Monster follows the episode Farmer Hunter, Farmer Hunted. This episode was aired October 4, 2002.

It follows that a lonely swamp monster had argued with his girlfriend, and steals Muriel, thinking her as his girlfriend. It starts off by Courage, Muriel and Eustace taking a trip to a local key ring shop. Muriel wanted a chain/necklace with a picture of her, and the other side Courage. She bought one and went out of the store. Meanwhile the swamp monster was upset and decided to search for his girlfriend, and also passed by the key ring shop. He broke the shop doors violently and growled at the shopkeeper, who was frightened and hid behind the counter. He started to demand for if his girlfriend visited the shop. He got really scared and the swamp monster got extremely angry and broke down the whole shop.


The Swamp Monster is a dark brown, muddy monster.

Easter Egg

In a scene of the episode a Cartoon Network logo with some words missing is seen.

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