Campsite of Terror is the {{{numInSeasonWord}}} episode in [[Season {{{seasonWord}}}]] of Courage the Cowardly Dog. It aired {{{airDate}}}. Campsite of Terror is an episode from Season 3 that originally aired on February 8th, 2002 along with Record Deal.


Campsite of Terror: Courage, Muriel, and Eustace are camping. They are attacked by two orphaned raccoons. The two raccoons kidnap Muriel because they want a mother. Eustace is trying to capture the raccoons for a reward. Courage,trying to save Muriel, finds the raccoons are only wanting a mother. Whilst Eustace tries to capture them,Courage tricks him,resulting in the raccoons' revenge on him.The raccoons end up capturing him, to have for company and watch television with him. Courage and Muriel return home happily..





Raccoons (Former)


Angry raccoons

The Raccoons, attacking Eustace.

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