(Episode starts at the house,than cuts inside with Muriel and Eustace watching a movie,than cuts to the kichen with Courage getting milk with a slice of a pie and puts the milk back in the frige,then drink his milk,than noise is heard outside.Courage looks out the window to find out the noise and sees a monster eating things and its shadow is seen.Cuts back into the kichen,Courage grabs out a fan to calm himslef,than runs to the living room.Cuts to the living room,Eustace and Muriel are sleeping,Courage enters and the two woke up.Courage explains(which is gibberish) and pretends to be a monster.)

Eustace:(laughs) You stupid dog.

Muriel:What is it,Courage?

(Courage points at the kichen while jumping)


(Cuts to the outside of the kichen door.Muriel opens the door and Courage and Muriel looks at the garbage scaterd across the groud)

Muriel:Oh,its just the raccoons.They must hungry.

(Courage looks at the garbage)

Courage:That was no raccoon.

(Cuts to the kichen with Muriel grabbing a pie from the oven and puts it on the window to let the pie cool off)

Muriel:This is our lovely dessert for tommarow.

Courage:I hope we make until tommarow.

(Cuts to the bedroom with Muriel and Eustace sleeping.Courage is looking out the window,then he grabs binoculars,then sees something and goes down the stairs with binoculars and falls down the stairs.He runs to the kichen.He sees the pie moving weirdly.He grabs the pie to prevent it from going away.)

Courage:Raccoon or not,your not getting this pie.

(The monster pulled hard,Courage is almost pulled out and he pulls himself in the window and pulls hard.The monster lets go of the pie throwing Courage into the wall splating himself and the wall with the pie.Muriel walks in.)

Muriel:(Clears throat and Courage gasps)


Muriel:Its all right Courage,I'll make another pie in the morning.


Muriel:Next time,use a plate.

(Muriel leaves the kichen and courage look at window and see at chicken barn and windmill are still creaking)

Courage: There was something on the other end of this pie, or my name is Aloysius, and that's not. (Courage Takes a Pie blueberry and eats it for pie)

News reporter : Bigfoot is on the loose Reward!!!

courage: i wonder if that was BF last night

"looks around outside Finds a humungus foot print

To be continued

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