Directed by John R. Dilworth.


Courage sees a building named "Pixar" with Muriel and Eustace, They get in front of Di Lung' s car, Eustace moves with Muriel and leaves Courage, he moves out the way, Di Lung says "Watch where ya going, ya fools!" He leaves, Shirley appears looking at Eustace saying "The stupid one" then Kitty exits the Pixar building, Eustace puts Courage In front of Di Lung' s car again. He trembles because he sees KatzLe QuackJeeves WeevilCajun FoxBig ToeBlack Puddle Queen and Fred thinking about them entering the building harming Muriel but all of them go to a different building like a barber shop, Courage sighs into relief, Eustace and Muriel see Katz build A Katz Gas Station with a sign that says "no dogs allowed", Le Quack build a giant Le Quack Bank while Jeeves Weevil makes a diner, Cajun Fox and Black Puddle Queen work together to make a water and soup shop, while Big Toe and Fred make a barber shop and a suit shop, Courage looks at all the villain' s buildings thinking that Muriel might be boiled, but Courage finds out it' s the villain's day off. Fred looks at Courage saying "naughty".


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