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Courage vs. Mecha-Courage is the {{{numInSeasonWord}}} episode in [[Season {{{seasonWord}}}]] of Courage the Cowardly Dog. It aired {{{airDate}}}.


When Di Lung comes and tells Courage to fetch a stick, Di Lung gets disappointed and uses a giant blaster to launch the stick. After that, Di lung makes a "Mecha-Courage" and replaces the original Courage in the Bagg family. After Courage is replaced, he feels betrayed by Muriel, and he sits on the porch in sadness. Di Lung then shows up again to gloat to Courage that his mechanical form is better than the original at most everything Courage does. When Di Lung says, "No way you ever beat him, even if you were gladiator in coliseum of Rome," Courage becomes angry enough to challenge Di Lung and Mecha-Courage, and grabs his bag to go to Rome.

In the coliseum, Courage is seen in a Roman Legionnaire outfit, along with a heavy wooden club with carved wooden spikes. He does a quick toothy smile before we see Mecha-Courage behind the door that seems to fly open effortlessly. When Courage and Mecha-Courage stand off, Courage starts to lift his club. Mecha-Courage unleashes a club as well, except he didn't show much effort taking it out, it is bigger than Courage's club, and it has metallic spikes. He bashes Courage repeatedly until he lifts it off the ground, showing Courage resembling somewhat like gum. He is rubbed of the club and sinks into the ground. He gets up very quickly, and he laughs crazily while showing he has sustained damage, along with his gladiator suit. He then performs a futile attempt to retailiate by shooting an arrow at Mecha-Courage, and the arrow does not pierce the metal even slightly.

Mecha-Courage pulls out a large bow with multiple arrows, and shoots them at Courage. Courage is shot to the wall because of this, and he melts to get himself free along with his gladiators suit, which is mysteriously fully repaired. Courage then attempts to ram Mecha-Courage with a mallet, a horse, and a "gladiator kart." He fails at this, but he does receive the robot's attention, and this is focused by the Mech turning into what seems to be a pile driver. Courage is laying on the ground face up, while the machine is moving closer. He is then crushed by the machine. When Mecha-Courage stops and returns back to normal, Courage shows up, and he laughs crazily.

We can now see Courage has taken immense damage because of the purple fur, the damaged gladiator suit, and a bloodshot eye that has turned red. He now has a water-squirter and he aims for Mecha-Courage. He gets the target, but weakly. Mecha-Courage wipes the water off, and he turns into a colossal fire hydrant. He drenches Courages in water, who ends up in the rafters. Di Lung is laughing at him, and he asks why Courage won't give up, and states he is not a good dog. Courage does not answer this, as he is determined to beat Mecha-Courage.

As he climbs down, Courage is seen with an angry look on his face, and no reason to this has been explained. Courage reaches the ground, and we see that he doesn't have much strength left, as he tries to lift Mecha-Courage off the ground, but instead, he is lifted up stretched a few times, and thrown to the ground. As Courage gets up, he says "The things I do for-" he is interrupted by being grabbed again and thrown to the ground hard. When he stops getting thumped on the ground, he laughs crazily again. Di Lung shows pity by saying "Dog not know when to quit." Courage is then lifted again, and thrown down again. And lifted again and thrown down again. He laughs crazily once more before he's grabbed again. This time, Mecha-Courage is shown to be getting weak now because he drags Courage on the ground before lifting him up slowly. The arms get shaky, shortout, descend, and simply drop Courage before they malfunction. After this, Courage is shown to be on his final leg before he is grabbed one final time, dragged once more, and lifted once more. Before Courage can be finished off, Mecha-Courage suffers fatal malfunctions. So fatal, that he explodes. Courage then falls to Earth, still alive, still breathing when the dust clears. Di Lung is angry at Courage when he sees what happens and states this " Stupid dog not know when to give up. He wear out Mecha-Courgae battery. You no good dog." Courage is seen to make an immense recovery because both his eyes are not bloodshot, and his fur isn't ruffled. He still has the purple fur, though.

A fanfare plays and we see what could be a Roman emperor. Courage and Di Lung are anticipated for what he thinks. The roman emperor rejects Di Lung's creation, falls into a trap door, and Courage does a quick cheer before fainting to exhaustion. At the end of the episode, Courage recovers almost completely, and is seen in the house. A robot dog commercial plays, and Eustace likes what he sees. But Muriel prefers Courage instead. Courage finishes the episode by laughing like Di Lung, and it's shown that he has all his teeth back, but some are still damaged.


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