Curtain of Cruelty is the {{{numInSeasonWord}}} episode in [[Season {{{seasonWord}}}]] of Courage the Cowardly Dog. It aired {{{airDate}}}.


An ominous wave of pink light rips across Nowhere, turning whoever it engulfs cruel and nasty; except Courage and Muriel and Eustace, (who of course, is already cruel and nasty enough). As Muriel is taken away to rehabilitation for being nice, Courage must stop the effects of the curtain so the Nowhere townspeople can become kind again.


The episode begins with Muriel and Courage, doing her laundry work, later Courage played Muriel's fabric softener. When she ran out of her homemade fabric softener, she went to their pickup truck and went to Nowhere. Meanwhile outside their house, the pink light made the bird gone angry and throw a rock at the window.

They went inside the general store and Muriel bought one of the ingredients for her homemade fabric softener. However, as Eustace interrupts the conversation with Jean Bon and the little girl, she still had to talk to Jean Bon first. As soon as the pink light hits the town of Nowhere, people of Nowhere (except Courage and Muriel) are getting cruel, causing chaos in the town of Nowhere. Later, Eustace was nominated as mayor. When the little girl got hit by the door of the pick-up truck, the police sent Muriel to the rehabilitation center, then Courage ran away outside the town of Nowhere where the pink light was originated. When she was in the rehabilitation center, Muriel doesn't like to hit the hamster, instead, she wants to be nice with the hamster.

Outside the town of Nowhere, Courage had to search the place where the cruelty machine has to be found. However, Eustace began to chase Courage, making him run away from him. As soon as the pink light appears again, Courage covered himself. Later he sneaked inside Floyd's cruelty cutter. As soon as pink light re-appears again, Courage covered himself again. When Courage found Muriel's homemade fabric softener ingredients, Courage put all of the homemade fabric softener ingredients into the cruelty cutter machine and the pink light is changed to blue light and everyone in Nowhere is not cruel anymore. Later, Floyd became the mayor of Nowhere. In the final scene, Eustace makes nice with the hamster and the hamster hits Eustace.



  • Floyd
  • Eustace
  • The Policeman
  • People of Nowhere (including on this list of the characters, except Courage and Muriel) (became kind again at the end)
  • Teacher of the Cruel rehabilitation (unseen)
  • Bird
  • Deer