Season 1 Ep 7 - Eustace's truck

Eustace's truck seems to have no correspondence to any real-life vehicles. It is simply known as Eustace's truck. Little is known about the vehicle, other than it has been repaired many times by Eustace. Eustace typically spends his free time fixing his truck, whether it's the horn or engine components. Eustace seems to have a lot of sentimental value in his truck, as he is seen crying over the loss of his truck to The Goose God in the episode "The Gods Must Be Goosey."

The truck is usually seen parked outside of the Bagge Farm homestead in almost every episode. Usually it is Eustace the one who drives the truck, but there has been occasions in which Courage drives it, and even Muriel at the end of the episode A Night at the Katz Motel.


  • The truck bares some resemblance to a 1947 Studebaker Truck. Typically used on farms in the Midwest. There are also similarities with the ZIS-5 and Autocar Dispanch SA.
  • It could be very possible that Eustace built the truck himself, using other vehicle parts. Which many real-life farmers had to do in the early days of automobiles.
  • The truck constantly makes sputtering noises when being driven.