Family Business is the {{{numInSeasonWord}}} episode in [[Season {{{seasonWord}}}]] of Courage the Cowardly Dog. It aired {{{airDate}}}.


When Courage heard strange noise at night, he told Muriel and Eustace that it was an Alien visitor, a bull worm-tailed demon, and a Mondo koopa-like monster with slug eyes and a gulper eel tail. Eustace throws Courage out and calls him a stupid dog and closes the door. Courage gets a flashlight and Courage goes to the kitchen and sees someone in the fridge. A burglar named Basil was at the fridge and closes it with a fish and Courage starts to scream, so Basil slaps Courage with his dead fish. Basil tells Courage to zip his mouth. Muriel and Eustace got in and Basil hits them with his fish and Basil tells Courage to tie up the family. Eustace says "Go on you stupid burglar helpin' dog. Get on with it!." Courage ties Eustace and Muriel and Muriel wasn't happy. Basil comes back after checking to make sure the Park Rangers don't find him, and Basil asked why he tied up the family (Basil told Courage to do that) and he told Courage that he is Nigel and is Basil's cousin. They all had dinner such as salad, mashed potatoes, gigantic ham, and huge flounder fish.

The Park Rangers came and asked Courage where Basil is and Basil was unpredictable, confused, and very dangerous. Courage just spoke in dog language and the Park Rangers thought he didn't see him so the rangers left. Basil tied up Muriel and Eustace and Basil told Courage that he was supposed to get crumpets (Courage wasn't told to get crumpets) and Basil told him that Courage was to busy tying up Muriel and Eustace (Basil did that and Courage didn't).

Basil told the Bagges to go to Mt. Rushmore with him and start hitting the heads of the four president's heads and the Park Rangers came and Basil went into Lincoln's nose. The Park Rangers use a giant fake finger to pick and flick Basil. Eustace didn't care and Courage had to do it, so he went into Lincoln's ear and it was full of earwax, so Courage cleaned Lincoln's ear and all the wax is gone and cleaned out. Courage grabs Basil and the Park Rangers thought Basil didn't survived in Lincoln's nose so they went home. Basil thanks Courage for saving him. Courage and Muriel told Basil not to do anymore crimes and jobs for Basil and Eustace is attacked by a squirrel monster, so he killed it.

Under the sea, Basil was being an eel massage therapist and sends a letter to the Bagges and Courage reads the note with Muriel and Eustace is in first aid kit clothing from his squirrel monster attack. Courage has realized that Basil is a therapist for massaging eels. Down below their house, the Mount Rushmore heads were destroyed and their house is on one of them.


  • First appearance of Basil and the Squirrel Monster.
  • Here are the list of food that the Basil and the Bagges had:
    • Salad
    • Mashed Potatoes
    • Ham
    • Flounder

Preceded by: Episode 16 (1/2) Followed by:
Courage in the Big Stinkin' City Family Business 1000 Years of Courage

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