Farmer Jiles Galette is a minor character in Windmill Vandals.


According to the Computer, Jiles was the first owner of the farmhouse. He built the windmill for his farm 250 years ago, at a time when everyone else was dependent on water-wheels, built by a horde of Vandals. When the water dried up, Farmer Galette was the only man with a working mill. The Vandals hated him for that. But Galette kept the vandals at bay by carving magical runes into the blades of his windmill wheel. Legend has it, if the windmill ever stops turning, the Vandals will rise from the dead and seek vengeance on all who possess it.


  • When the magical runes spin at a high enough speed, they come together as an abstract portrait of Farmer Jiles Galette himself. This might have been done deliberately, as a warning to the Vandals that his spirit will always be around to protect his farm, even in death, so long as the windmill turns.
  • It is possible that his spirit aided Courage behind the scene to protect the farmhouse from threats, supernatural and otherwise. This can be seen when Courage sometimes received mysterious aid out of nowhere. In the episode Perfect, a fish mysteriously appears in a bathtub to advise Courage to overcome his imperfection. It is possible the farmer spoke to Courage through the fish.
  • It is unknown how the windmill affected the Vandals when they were still flesh and blood living human beings. It can be assumed that the Vandals were superstitious and Farmer Galette awared of this. So, he carved the runes to fool and frighten them away.

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