The God Bone is a large bone that is found in the sewers. Charlie the Mouse told Courage that Duncan, the dog of the Storm Goddess is in the sewers. Upon entering the sewer, Courage finds several dog skeletons as well as Duncan, alive yet licking the bone. Courage tries to get Duncan away from the bone, but he can't resist the taste and Courage soon finds himself unable to resist it. A brief struggle follows, with Courage trying unsuccessfully to remove his tongue from the bone with a pair of pliers and a tire jack. He finally removes his tongue tickling it with a feather and tying it in a knot. He then begins to drag Duncan, still licking the bone, only for the dog skeletons to wake and begin to attack him. Luckily, Courage defeats them by smashing them with God Bone.

Courage then uses it to drill to the farmhouse where the Storm Goddess was overjoyed to see her dog. However, she becomes upset again when she sees Duncan likes the bone than her. Courage fixes this by pretending to like the goddess which results with Duncan becoming extremely jealous. He pushes Courage out of the goddess's affectionate embrace and both the goddess and her dog happily return home. The God Bone is last seen when Courage begins happily licking it himself.


  • The dog skeletons were once regular living dogs until they died from licking the giant deadly bone and Duncan didn't died from licking it very long, because he is immortal.

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