Jean Bon is a pig butcher that operates an eponymous hamburger diner. His appearances on the show are numerous; however, his only centric episode is Heads of Beef.


Jean Bon is never portrayed as a villain, even though Courage is very suspicious of him in his first appearance. He is an enthusiastic, friendly person who enjoys his profession very much. He runs his diner with his wife, a sculptor of meat, whom he loves dearly. He's very generous to his customers, sometimes providing second helpings on the house, selling children items free of charge, and even making meat sculptures of his favorite customers. He claims to have the best burgers in Nowhere.

Episode appearances


  • Apparently Jean Bon runs and possibly owns two stores: a butcher department at Dil's General Store and his famous fast food joint.
  • His name is a pun on the French word "jambon," which means "ham." However, he reveals in his first appearance that he is not actually French and just uses the name because he likes the sound of it.
  • Even though Jean Bon is built to be a villain in his first appearance it's actually Courage's own paranoia that serves to torment Courage.