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King Ramses

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King ramses
King Ramses
Name King Ramses
Also known as
Voiced by John R. Dilworth
Species Ghost (formerly Human)
Gender Male
Enemies Eustace, The Grave Robbers
Allies Courage
Color(s) Pink, green, and orange
Likes His slab
First appearance King Ramses Curse
Quote "Return the slab, or suffer my curse"
"This night, you will be visited by three plagues, each worse than the last"
"Oh, come on..."

King Ramses is the ghost of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh. He appears in the episode, King Ramses' Curse. He brings about three plagues on the Bagge family in order to retrieve an ancient slab that was stolen from his tomb. Eustace, realizing that the stone tablet is worth a fortune, refuses to give it back despite being plagued by the mummy's curse.


Ramses is the mummy of an ancient king whose ghost is disturbed when a stone tablet is looted from his tomb. He first confronts the two grave robbers who hid the slab next to the Bagges' water pump, sending a swarm of locusts to devour them. When Courage finds the relic, Eustace is initially uninterested, but immediately clings to the slab when he realizes it's worth a million dollars. King Ramses visits the farm and demands that the slab be returned. Even after being warned of suffering the mummy's curse and the insistence of Muriel to give it back, Eustace refuses. King Ramses then unleashed three plagues upon the Bagge family, each worse than the last: a flood, loud repetitive music blasting from a phonograph, and a swarm of very hungry locusts. In the midst of the third plague, Eustace finally relents, but changes his mind quickly and claims the slab again. King Ramses appears, displeased, and Eustace taunts him for using up all his plagues. An infuriated Ramses raises his arms and calls a swarm of locusts onto Eustace. Afterwards, when the slab is finally returned to King Ramses crypt, a hieroglyph depicting a screaming Eustace is visible on it.



King Ramses has a skull reminiscent of Egyptian burial masks, but far more dilapidated and skeletal. He has orange flesh, purple eyes with blue whites and pink teeth, and he wears a dark green Egyptian pharaoh robe with yellowish green gauze around his shoulders. Burnt tangerine hair protrudes from his skull.


"Return the slab!"

"Return the slab, or suffer my curse!"

"This night, you will be visited by three plagues! Each worse than the last! Return the slab!"

"Oh come on!"


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