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#07.0 – King Ramses' Curse
Season 1, Episode 7, Part I
Titlecard 107a King Ramses' Curse
Production code: 107a
Air date: January 21, 2000
Directed by: John R. Dilworth
Written by: Bill Marsilii
Storyboard: Bob Miller
J.P. Dillard
Brian Clark
Shirley the Medium
The Clutching Foot
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King Ramses' Curse is part one of the seventh episode of Season One, which aired January 21, 2000, preceding The Clutching Foot.


Two feline thieves are being pursued by the police after they stole a slab from the tomb of King Ramses. They pull over in their car and bury the slab at the Bagge's water-pump. As they get back in the car to escape they are confronted by King Ramses himself, who demands his slab to be returned, lest the thieves suffer his curse. When the confused cats ask what "curse", they are attacked by a swarm of locusts, which quickly devour both them and the car. Courage looks out the window in confusion, wondering what is going on.

The next morning, Courage digs up the mound the two cats made the night before and finds the slab. The slab contains symbols of Ramses, water, a record player, and locusts. Courage gives it to his owners, but Eustace tosses the slab out the window claiming it is "garbage". However, Eustace takes it back after learning from the Nowhere Newsman it is worth a million dollars. Professor Frith arrives and tries to reclaim the slab, but Eustace refuses.

That night, the ghost of Ramses returns, and this time threatens the Bagges. He orders Eustace to return the slab or suffer three plagues, each worse than the last. Eustace, thinking the ghost is the professor in disguise, still refuses.  The ghost uses the first curse by flooding the house with water. Courage finds the plug in the basement, and drains the water, much to the ghost's annoyance. When Eustace still refuses and asks "What's your offer?" the ghost uses the second curse which is loud, cheesy music. Courage finds the source of the noise on a skipping record player, and destroys it with a baseball bat. An angry Muriel insists that Eustace return the slab, but Eustace still refuses to do so without getting paid. The ghost then unleashes his third and final curse: the locusts. The insects devour most of the house and Muriel runs off in terror and prepares food for unknown reasons. Courage and Eustace fight over the slab, but Eustace agrees to give in after seeing the insects about to attack them. Courage tosses the artifact toward Ramses and the curse ends. However, Eustace reclaims the slab and taunts Ramses, thinking he is now powerless. Annoyed, Ramses makes the locusts go back to attacking Eustace, who screams in terror.

The episode ends with Courage and Muriel now in the destroyed house, where on the TV, Professor Frith explains that the slab has been returned to Ramses' tomb and will remain protected for all times. The end of the episode shows the tomb of King Ramses, where Eustace has now apparently replaced Ramses on the slab, as punishment for his greed.




  • Eustace: Well, judging by the markings and the obvious age of the relic, I'd have to say it would be... garbage! (he tosses the slab out of house)
    • Muriel: Eustace!
    • Eustace: Garbage! From King Garbage! Of the Garbage Dynasty! Stupid dog, always bringing garbage into the house.
  • King Ramses: Return the slab or suffer my curse.
    • Eustace: What's your offer?
  • King Ramses: Aw, come on!



  • When Muriel runs away from the locusts (screaming), it shows her running into what is supposed to be the kitchen, but what the animation shows is clearly the backyard.
  • While locusts are frighteningly voracious, they only eat plant life, not living creatures and inanimate objects, as this episode suggests.


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