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Little Muriel is part one of the thirteenth episode of Season One, which aired March 30, 2000 preceding The Great Fusilli.


A tornado hits Nowhere, and Muriel is sucked in. The whole Bagge Farmhouse is completely destroyed by the twister, but luckily, Muriel is unharmed. However, the storm has altered her age and appearance, and she is now a three-and-a-half year old child.

Poor Courage has only ever known the adult, harmonic and serene Muriel, so having her spoiled, unruly and hyper childhood self to deal with is pretty hard on him. After failing to make a macaroni and cheese platter to her satisfaction, and keeping her from playing in the dangerous ruins of the farmhouse, he can't take it anymore.

The Computer instructs that to turn Muriel back to normal, Courage must hurl her into a tornado that spins in the opposite direction. So Courage takes the little girl on a plane to Sri Lanka, in the southern hemisphere where tornadoes spin clockwise instead of counter-clockwise.

Courage succeeds in finding such a twister, and in turning Muriel back to her normal, elderly self (in only undergarments). They return to Bagge farm where she quickly returns to her normal outfit. On the TV, the Nowhere Newsman explains that the tornado emergency is over, and now the only thing left to worry about is the giant tidal wave roaring across the plains. The tidal wave sweeps up the newsman, then is seen on the horizon, rapidly approaching the farm. Courage is then seen riding Eustace as a surfboard on the crest of the wave, while carrying Muriel and her chair above.


Major characters

Minor characters



  • Muriel has white hair as a baby, but she had brown hair when she adopted Courage, and red hair when she married Eustace.


  • This is the second episode in season one with no villains.
  • This is the only episode in which Muriel is shown in nothing but undergarments

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