Mecha Courage is a robot dog who was created by Di Lung to replace Courage and a villain in Courage the Cowardly Dog. He appears only in the 2nd half of Season Three's 1st episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog, Courage vs. Mecha-Courage.


Mecha Courage was built by Di Lung to replace Courage and almost gained the affection of Eustace and was able to fool Muriel into thinking it was the real Courage. Courage continuously tried to prove he was their dog but was unsuccessful. Courage eventually challenged Mecha Courage to a gladiatorial battle in an abandoned coliseum. Courage found himself no match for Mecha Courage's insane arsenal of weaponry, but thanks to his inhuman amount of sheer durability, he was able to survive Mecha Courage's onslaught long enough to drain it's battery, destroying it, much to Di Lung's sadness and disappointment.

Powers and Weakness

Mecha Courage's dome piece conceals a vast arsenal of comical and insane tools and weaponry. It's metal body also makes it very durable. It rolls around on four small wheels and can do so at quick speeds.

But it functions on batteries and they only last for a specific time. If they run out he will cease to function and break.


  • He is seemingly a parody of Mecha Godzilla.