Mission to the Sun is part two of the fifth episode of Season 2 of Courage the Cowardly Dog, which aired February 22, 2001, following Human Habitrail.


In this episode, Courage brings Muriel the mail which reads that the Bagges have been offered a time-share as long as they "go on a little trip." We then find them upon a spaceship heading towards the Sun. After Eustace turned the main computer on, they are briefed by The General speaking gibberish and the ship's computer that the sun is going out and that they need to fix it using the tools kept inside a briefcase.

Meanwhile a space worm infiltrates the ship and goes to Mariel's brain via her ear and takes control of her, making her do crazy things to her and Eustace during meal time. While Eustace accidentally drops his hat down a space toilet, and is forced to go outside the ship to retrieve it, the space worm breaks a control in Muriel's brain making her awol! She bites through the ship's electric wires shutting the ship's computer down, then biting through an air pipe which was the only thing connecting Eustace to the ship thereby sending him drifting of into deep space.

Courage then confronted the possessed Muriel and attempts to extract the space worm out. After swatting Courage away while he was trying to use a plunger to take it out, Muriel takes the plunger out but with the force of the plunger combined with low gravity, Muriel is sent hurling towards the ship's toilet, with her head getting caught. the suction power of the toilet forces the space worm out of Muriel's head, and into the vastness of space.

Courage manages to get a normal Muriel's head out of the toilet. The ship then lands on the sun, and Courage thinking quickly remembers the briefcase and runs down a stairway and a passage to the sun's core, meanwhile the ship begins to melt, leaving Muriel to frantically dance on the sun's surface. Courage comes to the core of the sun to find a light bulb flickering dimmer, Courage opens the briefcase to reveal another light bulb inside, Courage untwists the sun's light bulb turning everything dark then replaces it with the new light bulb causing the sun to burn brightly again. Courage and Muriel now wonder how they are going to escape the blazing inferno as they frantically jump up and down, their prayers are answered they see Eustace riding an asteroid, Courage fires an anchor from his spacesuit, lashing onto the passing asteroid.

It is then revealed that the time-share offered is on planet Mars, and the organization have even sent the Bagges' house there, shortly after Eustace displayed strange behavior and the episode ends with us seeing that the space worm has returned this time in Eustace's brain.



  • This episode marks the only time Courage interacts with a computer whilst not in the farmhouse. Coincidentally, the computer's voice is the same as Courage's computer.
  • This is the second consecutive time that Muriel goes bald, the first being Human Habitrail, which was the previous episode, this time it was caused by Mustafa al Bacterius controlling her nervous system.
  • The music used is Blue Danube which also use in Spongebob Squarepants episode, Squidward on Clarinetland.