Octopus are marine animals without backbones (mollusks). One was seen in Fishy Business . He was told by the Sea Judges to put Courage, Eustace, and Muriel in a fish tank wearing gills to breath in water and turn into fishes. The Octopus throws Di Lung away and puts Courage and the 2 Bagges in the tank. He is in charge of feeding them. He shakes fish food into the bowl and Eustace and Muriel eat them. Courage ate a couple. Courage will turn into a fish if he acts like one. Courage stops the Octopus and he uses a mallet and hits his tentacle and wraps his face and get his tentacles to stick on the fish bowl and truck. The 3 Judges and Lobsters see Courage with the fish bowl, the Octopus, and the sea truck.

Courage managed to get to his house and sees the evil female fish who tricked the Judges. The Judges get shocked. The 3 Judges order the Octopus to release the humans. The Octopus releases the Bagges and Courage takes their gills off.

The Octopus grabs the Fishsionary and throws her into the tank as a punishment for the evil fish.

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