Robot Leader's Voice: Ok Mulch, Obliterate that mountain.

(Mulch pulls out his rocket from his head and shoots the mountain and explodes and the other robots cheers)

Robot Leader: Randy, You're next. Try to destroy something this time.

(Other robots chuckles at him. Randy pulls out his rocket from his head and we come to a scene of Randy's target at a mountain)

Randy:  I don't wanna destroy things.

(He aims away at the mountain and shoots into sky and the other robots laughed at him)

Robot Leader: WHAT?! Randy, You are a failure as a robot.

Randy: You don't know what I can do.

(The background comes to the other robots and cameras to the planet earth)

Robot Leader: Prove to us robots you're not a failure. Go and conquer another world and don't return until you did.

Randy: I'll show them.

(Randy walks away to leave the planet when the other robots throws tomatoes at him)

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