The Sand Whale is a character who appears in the episode The Sand Whale Strikes, demanding the return of his accordion, which he claims was stolen from him by Ickett Bagge many years ago. Arriving at the farm, he confuses Eustace for Ickett due to the immense likeness they have. Eustace denies having the accordion and says it is his mother who has it. Believing that it is a hoax, the whale destroys much of the house and then devours Eustace and Muriel. Desperate, Courage visits Eustace's mother who decides to hunt the whale. After that courage tries to return his accordion and free Eustace and Muriel. Ma tries to capture the whale with a net but Courage prevents this by cutting it with scissors. The whale devours Ma for revenge and takes his accordion to the concert of sand whales.

Whale and accordion


The sand Whale is primarily olive green with bags under his eyes, probably tired from his years of searching. He is capable of standing on his tail and can play the accordion quite well for a whale.


He seems to be a bit naive and stubborn. He also seems easy to provoke and hates to be cheated or swindled.


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