The Scarecrow is the central character in Night of the Scarecrow. He found himself to be utterly non-frightening, even to the meekest of creatures, until he met Courage and Muriel, who offered to help shape him into a more menacing scarecrow.


The Scarecrow actually comes from a family with a long line of scary scarecrows who made a living scaring crows and keeping farms safe, however he was born with no such talent and was riddled with self-doubt. He admits that his father, his father's father and his father's father's father were all scarier than him, which causes him no end of sadness. Eventually, he became a scarecrow at a corn field in Nowhere, where he became an easy victim of the crows.


On their drive back from the local fair, Eustace, Muriel and Courage decided to take a shortcut through the corn field, which resulted in them crashing into the remains of the Scarecrow. Feeling pity for it, Muriel decides to take him home and repair him: and he says to Muriel that he is useless and can't scare anybody. He struggles to scare away things that may be attacking Muriel, and Courage screams so loudly that it actually runs away. The Scarecrow finally toughens up himself and tries to protect Muriel but his plans come to an end. He gets plucked by some ravens and expresses to Muriel that he can't be a scary scarecrow and that his father and grandfather and his great aunt Hilde. Muriel tells him that everyone can't be good at everything and the scarecrow works at a hay ride.


The scarecrow resembles most common depictions of scarecrows, being made out of a brown cloth and stuffed with straw. He has red hair which is presumably made of cloth or plant and he has blue button eyes. For attire, he used to wear nothing but his hat and a dirty brown shirt until Muriel replaced it with Eustace's cleaner shirt. Prior to Muriel fixing him up, he did not have a mouth.

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