The Snowman is an icy scientist, and was once the last of the Snowmen. He is voiced by Paul Schoeffler in a voice resembling that of Sean Connery. During his first appearance in the episode The Snowman Cometh, he attempts to preserve himself by extracting the anti-melting gene of a human being. Finding Muriel and Eustace in the area, he kidnaps them and takes Eustace's copy of the gene, but drops and loses it when Courage attempts to stop him. The Snowman chases the family as they escape, but lands in a frozen lake, and freezes in a block of ice, effectively making his wish come true.

In his second appearance in the episode Snowman's Revenge, he creates "The Cold Finger" - a finger shaped device that can shoot freeze rays and indefinite blasts of snow and ice. He decides to forge a new icy kingdom elsewhere after the North Pole melts away, and travels to Nowhere to set up the West Pole right in the farmhouse. Ordering the family to work in his new paradise, he asks if they'll stay with him. Being frozen in place, they say nothing. He takes their standing still as assent and performs a little celebratory dance. Courage, upon hearing the Snowman reminisce about the old days, travels to the North pole and sews shut the tear in the ozone layer, thus restoring the north pole to its formerly icy state, and resurrecting the Snowman's old friends. Courage returns to find the Snowman playing cards with a still frozen Muriel and Eustace, and gives the Snowman a postcard from his friends. One of them, presumably the Snowman's girlfriend, appears at the door, and they leave for the north pole again.

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