The Swamp Man is a huge swamp monster from the Swamp Of Nowhere.

When Muriel's locket fell, the Swamp Man found it and thought Muriel was the Swamp Woman. Swamp Man asked anyone where Swamp Woman is and they said no and the Swamp Man roars very loud. Courage locks the doors and Eustace throws him out. Courage is later sleeping, but the Swamp Man reached the house and destroys the door and Courage screams, but it was just a cardboard of him and it shows Courage came back with some soda and a frankfurter and he sees the Swamp Man. Swamp Man says "Swamp Woman" and throws the door and it hits Courage and Courage laughs. Swamp Man stuffs Eustace in the celling and takes Muriel. Courage talks to Computer and tells him that he wants to find the Swamp Man's real girlfriend. Computer then finds the picture of the Swamp Woman. Courage reached to the area where Swamp Woman is and she tells Courage that he argured with her and that's why she couldn't return to Swamp Man. Swamp Man is about to marry Muriel, until Courage and Catherine arrive. Swamp Man gets frighten that he knowtest that he picked the wrong female. Courage sees Catherine with Swamp Man. Courage rescues Muriel and he gets her locket. Swamp Man yet again argued with Catherine that he told her that he said 100 emails to her and she told her that she forgot. Catherine then asked how did she and the Swamp Man get underwater and the Swamp Man roars.

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