[Episode starts at the Bagge farm, we then pan to Courage who is digging a hole looking for the plunger gun, he then finds it. A golden glow appears next to Courage when he found the gun]

Courage: Yay!

[Courage then finds the locket]

Courage: Huh?

[When then cut to the locket to see that it has Cariana's head with the text "C A R I A N A" shaped like a rainbow on top of the text, creepy music plays when we see the locket, Courage then puts it in his pocket then walks back to the farm house, a fogish hand appears then disappears when it reaches Courage]

Clyde: Cariana!

[We then cut to the inside of the Bagge farm where Muriel is trying to reach a photo]

Muriel: Eustace, mind giving me a hand?

[Eustace then grumbles]

Eustace: I'm busy!

[Courage then enters the house using the plunger gun on the photo to give Muriel help]

Muriel: You're quite the gentleman, Courage.

[We then cut to the photo where we see Muriel on the chair with Courage on her lap]

Courage: Mhm!

[Muriel then cleans the photo and puts it back on the shelf, Courage then shows the locket to her]

Muriel: Oooh! Isn't that lovely?

[Eustace's glasses turn yellow when he sees the locket, he then gets up and walks to Courage and Muriel]

Eustace: Huh? If you found it on my property, dog, it's mine!

[Eustace then takes the locket from Muriel]

Muriel: Ooow! Oh my!

[Eustace grabs Courage's ears and takes him to the attic, we then cut to the attic]

Eustace: Let's see what the new necklace is worth?

Computer: The Cariana of love locket, a medieval antique, very valuable.

[Eustace celebrates}

Eustace: Woo-hoo! Then selling it!

Computer: Mercs be warned, a curse will befool anyone who removes the necklace. It will seperate two departed lovers in the grave, unless the necklace is returned, the guilty will be separated from their loved ones, forever!

[Courage gets frightened, and thinks of him losing Muriel forever]

Eustace: Who cares? I'm gonna be rich, filthy rich! Ha ha ha ha ha! I'll find new loved ones! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

[Eustace leaves the attic]

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