The Transplant

The Transplant is the ninth episode of Season One, and the twenty-second episode in total. It first aired on April 17, 2001. It follows Serpent of Evil River.

Plot Outline

When Eustace gets into an accident and requires a spinal transplant, a fossilized bone is used that mutates him into a kangaroo monster.


  • First appearance of the Kangaroo Monster.
  • Returning appearances of Professor Frith, Dr. Vindaloo and Le Quack.
  • The Chicken from Outer Space cameos in the Kangaroo Monster video.
  • Features an ad for "Dilly Drops", named after creator John R. Dilworth (see gallery below)
  • When Eustace and Courage are transformed into the form of kangaroos, they have pouches, and Muriel is seen being carried in Eustace's as if she were a joey. This is rather ironic since only female kangaroos have pouches which can carry their joeys.
Preceded by: Episode 22 (2/2) Followed by:
Serpent of Evil River The Transplant Car Broke, Phone Yes

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