Tick is a clown-like bug that keeps gnawing at Muriel's toe like food and only appears in Swindlin' Wind.


The Tick was seen biting Muriel's toe. Courage paints the tick with bug-spray which sedates it and relieves Muriel's pain. Later on, Courage finds out from Shirley that in order to lift the curse and get Muriel and Eustace to stop swindling one another, one of them must perform an act of kindness. Courage gets Eustace to become jealous of Muriel having the tick, and Eustace lets the tick move onto his toe instead. Having seen what appears to be an act of kindness, Shirley lifts the curse. Eustace plays a card game with the tick, with the stakes being that if the tick wins, he can move up to Eustace's earlobe, and if the tick loses he has to hit the road. The tick wins.

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