Courage's 1st lesson is to defeat the tiger is to enter in its jaws. Courage had to save the kid that was about to be eaten. He pours noodle soup all over himself, puts spinach on himself, puts a pineapple and a cherry on top of his head. The tiger noticed Courage and tells the kid to go away and scoops Courage in his jaws and begins to eat him. The "peasant" tells Courage to concentrate on peacful images. Courage's thought bubble shows a picture of Muriel on a rocking chair and he transforms into a melting glob of goo where he melts out of the tiger's jaws. The Chinese villagers quickly all pick up the tiger and toss him back to his cage, but they forgot to close it. The tiger escapes again and goes to the Great Wall of China and begins eating Eustace's legs and he laughs at the audience.