Tulip's Worm is part two of the seventh episode of Season 3, which aired June 28th, 2002, following Feast of the Bullfrogs.


Two teddy bears armed with laser guns appear in a spaceship in Nowhere searching for a "space worm" that ended up on earth. At the farmhouse, Courage is outside playing a Baritone Horn and notices that a small worm appears from the ground and is serenaded by his horn playing. Muriel appears outside and offers Courage a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with "a wee dash of vinegar" and Courage distracts Muriel and spits it out and puts the rest of the sandwich in his pocket. Muriel notices the worm and the worm becomes frightened, but is quickly serenaded by the Horn once more. The teddy bears appear at the farmhouse and after asking about the worm, Courage plays the Baritone Horn bringing the worm out of its hole in the ground. The bears tug at the worm, which turns out to be a menacing, monstrous-like worm upon being completely out of its hole. After consuming the teddy bears and Muriel, Courage chases after the worm in order to save Muriel and the teddy bears. After he catches up with the worm, the teddy bears tell Courage through the worms stomach to take the worm to an alien girl named Tulip's planet to return him back before they are fully digested by the worm. After he lures the worm into the teddy bears spaceship with horn music, he drives (more like bikes since the spaceship has handlebars and pedals in place of a steering wheel) into space to Tulip's home and it turns out that the worm, who is a fairly small size compared to Tulip, is her pet along with the teddy bears. When she finds out that the teddy bears has been eaten by the worm, she becomes hysterical and that leads Courage into the worms digestive tract to save the teddy bears and Muriel before they are dumped into a pool of the worms stomach acid. Courage drops the peanut butter and jelly vinegar sandwich into the worms stomach acid and the worm throws up everyone. After the return of her teddy bears and her worm, she decides to keep Courage and Muriel as her pets but Muriel is frightened which causes Courage to peel off Tulips bandage, use it as a parachute and takes the teddy bears spaceship, after getting past Tulip, back to the farmhouse.