I'm back! Well, for the one person that actually reads these, I'm back!! Welcome to the eleventh installment of Courage the Cowardly Rap Battles Season 1. Today, in an [insert hair pun here]'d episode, we got Ma Bagge, the mother of Eustace, versus Freaky Fred, the nephew of Muriel, in order to see who the crazier hair-obsessed member of the Bagge family is. Enjoy!!

Billie Lou Watt as Ma Bagge

Paul Schoeffler as Freaky Fred

The Battle:






Ma Bagge:

Stupid boy! Do you really think stepping up to me is wise?

Wipe that dumb smile off your face before I send you to your demise!

You're a Trichotemnomaniac! You haven't even begun and I've already had enough!

Although, I don't have high expectations from this Sweeney Todd ripoff!

This lame dame doesn't deserve his fame and seriously lives up to his name!

I aim to claim a victory as I verbally maim this tame shame!

You need to try harder if you're looking to scare; I'll leave you an even bigger mess than your hair!

Try to step up to me and you'll end up dead; We all agree that you disgraced this whole show, Fred!

Freaky Fred:

I'm battling a hag whose popularity is going Nowhere!

I wouldn't even give you a haircut if you had hair!

How ironic that the CEO of Growth Industries

Doesn't even stand three feet when compared to me!

Your victory is more unknown that your real name, this will be your end!

I'll don my razor once again and reunite you with your husband!

What kind of a mother loves her son's dog more than him?

I'm the best in the game and your chances are looking slim!

Ma Bagge:

You're a weak freak! Your future looks bleak if you step to me!

You aren't Freaky, nor scary! Fred, you're not even creepy!

You stand little chance against me so it's best if you turned and ran!

You've had this fight lost before the battle ever began!

Freaky Fred:

I believe you're getting me mistaken for you!

I'll stomp you down so hard, you won't even want a round two!

Your vain attempts are shoddy; Chances smaller than your body!

Even Eustace agrees that you've been very naughty!






Who won the battle?

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