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    I'm back!!

    September 26, 2011 by Brainiac Adam

    Hi Guys, I have returned from my Poland holiday

    I just simply loved it. I really did!! Glad to be back. So what did I miss?

    Oh, since I am an admin now, here are some new rules.

    1. Do not beg for adminship

    2. No stealing IP addresses or usernames and pretending to be them.

    3. No arguements or conflicts.

    4. You must respect me and others. If I tell you to stop doing something, you will stop!

    Anyway, have a nice day! :) Good to be back.

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  • Brainiac Adam

    News updates

    September 14, 2011 by Brainiac Adam

    Hello everyone, I am Brainiac Adam and I am the new Admin of this place now. Although I am not too familer with Courage, I was offered adminship for this place, now trolls and vandals are HISTORY!!

    Anyway, I want to inform you all that on the 19th of September, I am going on holiday to Poland and I won't be returning until the 26th. So while I am gone, please make sure there are no wars, conflicts and troll attacks. If there are any troll attacks here then contact me and I will deal with them.

    So yeah. I'm the admin here now. And I just wanted to inform you all about the Poland holiday too.

    Best regards Adam

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