Velvet Vic is the ghost of a famous jazz pianist. He appears in the episode Record Deal. Velvet Vic is the main antagonist of this episode.


His biggest fan was Eustace. He was trapped in a vinyl disc until Eustace played it and let him out, but when the song ended he got sucked back in. When Eustace played the song again he told Muriel to play piano with him. Then he stopped the music while she was playing, which trapped her in it. Then he broke the record. Then Vic decides to do a concert and Eustace becomes his manager. Courage then puts the record together but when he plays it she comes out distorted. Then Courage takes the record to Dr. Vindaloo who makes a copy of it using a machine, but Muriel comes out with two heads. Finally Courage takes it to Shirley who tells him that the only way to get her back is by playing the record at the same time as Vic does. She also tells him to "Go digital" since magic, ironically, would be of no help. Courage then scans the record on his computer and gets a CD-ROM version of it. Courage then goes to Vic's concert and plays the music at the same time as Vic which brings Muriel back and imprisons Vic. Then Shirley takes the CD and all the money Eustace got from working with Vic with her.


  1. Record Deal