The Weremole is a vicious predator in the middle of Nowhere.


Wild and savage, a weremole seeks only to feed on rabbits or humans in a gruesome tearing-and-shaking fashion. Once bitten by a weremole, the victim will mutate into one as well. They take on the hairy and violent characteristics of their attacker, as well as the inhumane nature. The only known cure is if they are fed a strand of hair from their infecting mole. However, this only works on humans and rabbits. When Courage was bitten by the weremole, he did not become one himself because he is a dog. The weremole's effects have been proven ineffective, therefore, Courage is impervious to this (although he still didn't like getting thrashed about).


The weremole's first appearance was in the episode Night of the Weremole. It resided in Muriel's garden, and when it bit Muriel, she became a weremole as well.

The Weremole makes another appearance in Ball of Revenge where it helped the other villains attack Courage.  However Courage screamed loudly which caused a big chasm to open up causing the weremole to fall to its death along with the other villains. See The Demon in the Mattress.


  1. Night of the Weremole (debut)
  2. Ball of Revenge
  3. The Demon in the Mattress (cameo)

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