William's brother is a water dragon and his long lost brother. When Courage and Muriel escaped from William, another water dragon appeared and the two screamed. The water dragon said he wasn't going to hurt them. He then offered them some fish fries and fishcicle and he said that it is so good and he liked being a water dragon and not people-eating flying dragons. Courage had an idea and the water dragon hands Courage a fishcicle and Courage offers it to William, but he refused. Courage told him to taste, because William will like it since he hasn't taste it. The plan worked and William realized his "wings" are fins. William then saw the water dragon. He explained that William is a water dragon and their parents lost William during a storm and he must have been adopted by flying dragons. William then releases Eustace. Courage had clams, Muriel had octopus, William had lots of fishcicles, the water dragon possibly got fish fires, and Eustace gets a fishcicle. Suddenly, a flying dragon appears and quickly swallows Eustace. Courage, William and his brother, and Muriel watch Eustace vulnerable in the dragon's stomach.

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